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Service Providers Deliver Best Solution for ANEXIO’s Data Center Needs

By: DuPont Fabros Technology | August 09, 2017

IT services and capabilities are essential for all businesses today. They rely on payroll systems, SaaS applications, timesheet systems and other capabilities to function and perform day-to-day operations and tasks. And those IT capabilities require network infrastructure, data centers and other equipment to run them and ensure that they’re accessible when and where needed.

These applications may not be central to a company’s business or to servicing their clients, but they’re ultimately essential for their business operations. For example, a public relations firm, a chain of local retailers, or a regional health system may rely on IT systems and capabilities to power their business, but they’re not IT companies. They’re marketers, retailers and healthcare professionals, respectively.

Anexio.jpgOrganizations like these have two options for implementing their IT systems and applications – they can hire and staff an entire IT department to build and maintain them, or they can hire a company like ANEXIO. – a managed IT services provider - to do it for them.

In today’s rapidly changing IT landscape, companies are increasingly migrating to hybrid IT environments comprised of a mixture of on-premise solutions and public and private clouds. To fulfill the hybrid IT requirements of these companies, ANEXIO needed data centers that offered a combination of power, high availability and reliability.

To ensure that ANEXIO had the resilient data centers it needed, the company turned to data center provider, DFT Data Centers. The use of outsourced data centers ensured that ANEXIO would save on costs and management headaches -- without sacrificing power and control.

According to Tony Pompliano, CEO of ANEXIO, the flexibility and cost savings from utilizing data center providers has given ANEXIO a powerful tool that can be used to attract new customers. “Having access to DFT’s high-quality facilities allows us to wrap services around that data center space,” said Pompliano. “We can offer everything from ‘remote’ and ‘smart’ hands to networking and cloud-based solutions. The ability to do this makes us attractive to companies that may have the technical expertise to do what we do but prefer to outsource those solutions.”

The end result has been growth and expansion for ANEXIO. By not having to pay to staff, secure and maintain its data centers, ANEXIO is able to focus on selling value-added services to its customers. The company also doesn’t have to worry about raising capital to fund new data center construction to meet demand and growth. This is enabling ANEXIO consider expanding its geographic footprint and broadening its efforts in existing markets.

To learn more about ANEXIO, its decision to work with data center providers and how the cost savings and flexibility of leased data center space is driving the company’s continued growth and success, click HERE to download the case study, “An Unmatched Experience and Trusted Partnership.

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